Game Unites Children and Mothers

Game Unites Children and Mothers

Our client from England wrote this after the event where she used crystals:

Hello everyone, this weekend in England, I organized activities for children - drawing on crystals, which was combined with a game that allowed children to address various psychological and emotional issues.

The experience was fantastic, truly something out of this world.

At the start of the activity, drawing on crystals seemed like a very simple, normal process - we just drew on the crystals, touched them, held them in our hands.

However, when the game started, the children realised wonderful things through it. Even the most energetic children, who previously found it difficult to sit still in one place for a long time during the activity, were fully engaged.

I was pleasantly surprised by the children's behavior, their responses, their focus.

This time, the children shared their emotions very openly. For example, they easily and simply discussed what jealousy is and how to deal with it.

The children asked when they would be able to play this game again.

During the game, not only the children but also their mothers opened up.

When the activities ended, I clearly understood that the energies that come through these crystals were at work. You can't fake such an effect.

For instance, a girl who is jealous of others because they can wear makeup and she cannot yet, realised that she can appreciate herself in other ways, not just through her appearance.

She started to see her beautiful hair and find other ways to love herself.

The session was simply wonderful. I am very grateful for the crystals charged with such amazing energies.

We plan to continue playing this game with family and friends. I wanted to share this joy with you.



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