Six Challenge Levels for Crystals

Six Challenge Levels for Crystals

When my daughters saw the crystal kittens that I plan to give as gifts to children for their videos made with Pure Crystal Discovery crystals, my little one started kissing one of the kittens.

The older ones began asking me to give them one each.

I told them that the same rules apply to all children. I said they needed to make a video with the crystals, featuring the Pure Crystal Discovery package somewhere in the video, and then I would give each of them a crystal.

The girls took the tablet and went out to the playground near our house. When they came back and showed me what they had filmed, I was very surprised.

The video seemed very interesting, long, creative, and funny.

My instructions were completely minimalistic - make a video with my crystals and the package, that's it. To me, it's a wonderful sign that the girls are growing up to be very creative, independent, and able to concentrate on what's important to them.

Later, I helped them edit the video material and added music with English subtitles. I am very happy with such an unexpected result.

Founder of Pure Crystal Discovery, Jurga.

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