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"Black and White", a unique set of 10 crystals

"Black and White", a unique set of 10 crystals

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"Black and White" set is like day and night, light and darkness. It features crystals in shades of black and white (without any drawings) that encourage your children to engage in their creative projects. Children can draw on the crystals and create their own fantastic tales, adorable animal figures, or even delve into cosmic angelic worlds. It's a great way for a child to express imagination give it a material form.

Black and white acrylic dual tip markers are included in a set. The different tip sizes allow to draw both thick and thin lines on the crystals, allowing to use bold strokes for bigger areas and fine lines and dots for details.

Using our selected markers the drawings on the crystals will stay sharp and won’t smudge. However, if a child doesn’t like the drawing anymore, it can be easily wiped off with a piece of cotton and nail polish remover, ready for a new artistic masterpiece. This encourages creativity and allows children to constantly change their art pieces.

Moreover, these black and white crystals can be used for educational purposes. You can write numbers, letters, different symbols, or even math problems on them. They are an excellent tool for learning through play and exploration, using crystals.

"Black and White" crystal set invites you to discover creativity and the joy of learning. It's not only a great way to expand your children's creative horizons, but also a unique decorative element for your home.


The size of the crystals varies from 3 cm to 5 cm. It is a perfect size for children and adults to hold in their hands, encouraging crystal exploration and connection.

Every Pure Crystal Discovery crystal set is packed as a luxurious gift to emphasize how valuable and unique the crystals are. Packaging features a smooth satin bag and a sturdy magnetic closure cardboard box with a golden Pure Crystal Discovery logo. Beautiful minimalistic packaging can be used to store your crystals or repurposed for other storage or used to play with.

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