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Pure Crystal Discovery

"PURITY", a unique set of 5 crystals

"PURITY", a unique set of 5 crystals

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Purity as a human trait is often associated with honesty, sincerity and authenticity. Purity is a characteristic that allows to be open and genuine in your thoughts, feelings, and actions. Purity makes a person truly trustworthy, sincere and fair in both personal and professional relationships.

This crystal set is subtly balanced with five key qualities that embody purity. That is openness, genuineness, authenticity, truth and respect.

Openness. Clear quartz promotes honesty and openness. This transparent crystal helps to clearly express thoughts and feelings, encourages trust and courage to speak the truth.

Genuineness. Rose quartz, known for its gentle glow, encourages genuineness and helps to distance oneself from insincere behavior. It gives the strength to be true to oneself despite external pressure or expectations.

Surprise in a box: 3 surprise crystals representing Authenticity, Truth, and Respect will be chosen especially for the recipient of this set . At this moment, neither you, nor Pure Crystal Discovery team knows which crystals will be chosen. But we can assure you that those three crystals will be what is the best representation of Authenticity, Truth, and Respect for the recipient of the set.

Authenticity. Being authentic means being true to one's essence, not pretending, and not succumbing to hypocrisy. It is a quality that allows a person to maintain their uniqueness and independence from the opinions of others.

Truth is an integral part of purity. It means the ability to see and accept reality as it is, without distortions or self-deception.

Respect here means not only respecting others but also oneself. It is a conscious choice to behave ethically, considering the feelings, opinions, and rights of others.

Express your intention and allow these crystals to enter the life of the one who will become their friend. Trust the process and be open to all possibilities!

Expressing the intention is very simple - just form the idea in your mind with your own words that you invite the crystals that are the most suitable for the recipient to come with this set.

“Purity" set is an invitation to discover inner purity and spiritual maturity. It is a perfect gift for those who seek personal growth and desire to live consciously and sincerely.


The size of the crystals varies from 3 cm to 5 cm. It is a perfect size for children and adults to hold in their hands, encouraging crystal exploration and connection.

Every Pure Crystal Discovery crystal set is packed as a luxurious gift to emphasize how valuable and unique the crystals are. Packaging features a smooth satin bag and a sturdy magnetic closure cardboard box with a golden Pure Crystal Discovery logo. Beautiful minimalistic packaging can be used to store your crystals or repurposed for other storage or used to play with.

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