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Young Creator's Crystal Set: SOCIAL SKILLS Development

Young Creator's Crystal Set: SOCIAL SKILLS Development

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Give your child an opportunity for growth.

Step into a realm of wonder and possibility with our captivating crystal collection, crafted to inspire adventurous young minds while fostering essential social skills. Imagine gifting your child a magical box of six crystals that spark creativity and serve as a tool for building healthy relationships. This crystal set is a fascinating way to teach your child the arts of collaboration, sharing, leadership, and empathy.

Through the fun and engaging activities we provide, children learn the essential building blocks of friendship and teamwork, equipping them with the social skills needed for life's many adventures. By choosing this set, you're giving them the gift of fun and you're also investing in their growing ability to connect, cooperate, and shine in social settings, just like the vibrant crystals they'll adore.

The earlier a child develops their social interaction skills, the more it will contribute to their lifelong personal development and well-being. Our crystal set and its accompanying activities open the door to new abilities that are beneficial for a lifetime.

This set sparks creativity and nurtures essential social skills for tomorrow. Children are in a constant state of growth and change, so let's help them enhance these wonderful skills today.

Types of Cool Crystals You'll Find

In each set, you'll find a harmonious blend of six crystals: three core crystals, and three surprise crystals. The core crystals — malachite, clear quartz, and rose quartz — have been selected for their unique ability to resonate with and aid in children’s development. The remaining three crystals are a surprise, chosen with the intention to ensure they align perfectly with the needs and growth journey of the child receiving them.

The adventure deepens with the inclusion of the surprise crystals, which are selected with a specific intention in mind, adding an element of awe and personalized insight. This blend of predictability and mystery ensures that each set is both a familiar treasure and a new exploration, perfectly tailored to spark curiosity and growth in young minds.

Holding these polished crystals gently in your hand evokes a sensation of connecting to an infinite source of energy, powerful yet soothing for you and your child.

Imagine malachite, clear quartz, and rose quartz coming to life in the palm of your hand – their colors gleaming harmoniously, each revealing its own unique world.

Malachite, with its mesmerizing green color, resembles the vibrancy of a forest, full of vitality and rejuvenation. This crystal carries the power of transformation that you can feel through a soft yet energized connection between your palm and the essence of the universe. It encourages children to take bold steps towards change and urges them to open their hearts to new ideas and adventures.

Clear Quartz with its translucent luster, emits a sense of calmness and clarity, leaving you feeling refreshed and focused. It acts as a source of light in a child's mind, helping to observe and express thoughts more clearly, and strengthening inner growth and self-confidence. This crystal is also known to clear away negative energy, creating a positive atmosphere, and boost good energy, enhancing positivity and promoting harmony.

Rose Quartz feels like a gentle embrace. If you often long for a loving, warm, and nurturing hug - the energy of rose quartz will help you feel safe and secure with its comforting and protective energy. This crystal invites children to practice empathy, develop heartfelt connections with others, and teaches that true strength lies in the ability to communicate and understand each other.

Every crystal is like a little treasure, each with their unique story and energy, felt the moment you touch them. Including these three crystals in each set is a deliberate choice to provide children with an opportunity to discover the magic of the universe.

In each set, both the three core crystals and the three surprise crystals are special, bringing immense value. We select these surprise crystals by setting an intention to choose the ones that best suit the future owner in their current state of being. In doing so, we allow the universe's wisdom and knowledge to flow through us, identifying what your child might need the most guidance with right now. This approach transforms each set into a tool that enhances thrilling discoveries and adventures for kids, providing them with exciting opportunities to expand their imagination and learn through play.

For children, the wonder of uncovering and getting to know their new crystal friends is an experience filled with excitement, curiosity, and endless possibilities. It's our way of ensuring that the set meets and exceeds the unique developmental needs of its young owner, fostering a sense of connection and curiosity towards the natural world.

Recommended age

Our crystal games are designed for children aged 6 and up, with a unique appeal that captivates older kids as well. The fun significantly increases when adults join in, creating a wonderful family bonding experience. This turns our crystal games into a delightful activity for all, fostering teamwork and creativity across various ages.

Fun Games to Play

Our crystal sets include exciting games that are perfectly tailored to complement the crystals, providing children with an enjoyable and educational experience.

Among them are "Crystal Hide and Seek", "Crystal Treasure Hunt," and "Crystal Mind Readers." These video games are designed so that children can watch them on their own or with adults and easily understand all the rules to play by themselves.

Our range of games is constantly expanding, introducing new games that are ideal to use with your set. It's also important to note that children are incredibly creative and often come up with their own games using the crystals, providing even more opportunities for learning and enjoyable playtime.

You can find these video games and more creative activities in the "Creative Activities" section of our website.

What Your Child Will Learn

At the very top of the "What Your Child Will Learn" section, it's important to emphasize that the social skills developed through these games are invaluable. These skills are beneficial for childhood and essential qualities they will carry into adulthood, aiding them in personal relationships, education, and future careers. Social skills such as effective communication, empathy, collaboration, and leadership are the foundation for a well-rounded individual capable of navigating the complexities of social interactions and contributing positively to society.

  • Communication Skills: Playing "Crystal Hide and Seek," helps children learn to communicate by sharing observations about where crystals were hidden and discussing strategies to find them. This develops their ability to express thoughts clearly and listen to others.
  • Empathy: In the intuition game, where children try to guess which crystals the other team chose, they learn to empathize with their opponents' thinking, trying to understand their choices.
  • Conflict Resolution: During "Crystal Hide and Seek," while deciding who becomes the next Crystal Chief, children practice resolving disagreements constructively, looking for a fair solution agreed upon by all players.
  • Collaboration: The “Crystal Treasure Hunt” encourages children to work in a team as one group creates a puzzle plan for the other to find the treasure. This develops their ability to collaborate with one another toward a common goal.
  • Flexibility: Our various crystal games, with changing rules and scenarios, improves children’s adaptability, learning to quickly change strategies in response to new challenges.
  • Leadership: The role of “Crystal Chief” teaches children responsibility, as they need to organize the game, remember where all of the crystals are hidden, and encourage one another. This helps develop their ability to lead and inspire.
  • Self-control: Playing games that require waiting for one's turn and managing disappointment if they’re not the first to find a crystal teaches children self-control, an essential trait for maintaining composure.
  • Tactfulness: Providing hints to other teams struggling to find crystals teaches children tactfulness and being considerate to the feelings of those who need a help.
  • Friendliness: Participating in group activities, such as searching for crystals, fosters friendly rapport among children as they share the joy of finding the treasure and helping each other along the way.
  • Respect: Games that require listening to and following rules teach children to respect other players' opinions and decisions, promoting a sense of fairness and mutual respect.

How We Made This Cool Set

Our crystal sets are designed with a special person in mind: the Young Creator. That's your child — a wellspring of creativity and initiative that constantly amazes us. But "Young Creator" also nods to something bigger: it's about the universe itself, always growing, always creating, with endless youth and vitality.

Our sets are tools to spark the imagination. They're like life itself, a journey of building, learning, and discovering. It’s about seeing every child as a builder of their own world, where the adventure of growing up mirrors the vast, unfolding story of the universe.

We pour our hearts into these sets, hoping to ignite the spark of creativity in every child. It’s about giving them the power to craft their own stories, face challenges head-on, and uncover the wonders of their journey. Each crystal set is filled with love and a wish: that your young creator will carve out a beautiful space in this world and keep the cycle of growth spinning.

Our goal is simple yet profound: to empower kids to tread confidently on their life paths and to encourage them to play an active role in crafting a better future for all of us.

What's in the package

This crystal set is packaged as a luxurious gift to emphasize how special and cherished its contents truly are. Packaging features a smooth satin bag and a sturdy magnetic case with a golden “Pure Crystal Discovery'' logo. Our beautiful minimalistic packaging can be utilized for storing your crystals, engaged with during playtime, or repurposed for storing other items.

How Big Are the Crystals?

The crystals vary in size from 3 cm to 5 cm, making them the perfect size for both children and adults to hold in their hands, encouraging exploration of texture while also serving as stress relievers.

How Our Educational Games Differ from Others

Standing out with an interactive, step-by-step learning process, our educational games let children learn at their own pace through video guides, eliminating the need for rote memorization. This self-directed approach fosters independent problem-solving and initiative, allowing learners to engage without constant adult supervision.

Designed to enhance social skills and relationships, the games encourage group play, sharing, and collaboration, thus nurturing communication, teamwork, and leadership abilities. Physical activities within the games prompt active exploration and cooperative problem-solving.

A special focus on reflection and experience sharing means players can discuss achievements and gameplay insights, enhancing their ability to evaluate actions and learn from them.

Blending interactive video-guided learning with social interaction and physical engagement, these games cover not just standard educational areas but also enhance intuition, supporting both logical abilities and emotional intelligence. This holistic approach is pivotal for personal growth and developing successful social relationships.

How can our crystals be used every day?

The founder of Pure Crystal Discovery has been passionate about mindfulness, meditation, consciousness expansion, and children's topics for many years, as she herself has three children. She personally energetically neutralizes all of the crystals acquired from suppliers, eliminating any previously absorbed low-frequency energies. She then charges them with the highest possible energies in our universe, that is, the energies of our Creator and the Absolute. Therefore, we ensure that our crystals are exceptional and contain wonderful power codes that purify and organize the energies in your home, raising them to a higher vibration.

Crystals can be kept in a visible place as home decorations. They look beautiful and catch the eye so even in between activities, they radiantly adorn your home.

Most people experience a soothing energy while holding a crystal, so dedicating some time each morning to hold and connect to them can be a wonderful practice for your child to start and end the day with. It promotes a calm and clear mind, boosting concentration to help focus on what's important. Holding these crystals before bed will calm your child, bringing inner peace as they drift off to sleep.
If today holds significance for your child or has been particularly challenging, encourage them to hold the crystals in their hand.

Establishing a tradition can also be beneficial: select your crystal of the day from our crystal collection and allow it to absorb any unnecessary energies that have built up throughout the day while simultaneously nourishing your child with what they need most at the moment.

To sum up, the therapeutic effects of crystals extend beyond mere adornments, offering a pathway to serenity. Their ability to absorb negativity and bring inner harmony underscores their significance in fostering holistic wellness and balance in our lives.

What Kids Think About It

A mother from Spain excitedly shared her experience with the crystals she got for her son and daughter.

“We received crystals, how beautiful, how interesting, and how big they are! Compared with what we previously had. My daughter dropped a crystal from her hands in excitement as soon as she unpacked it, but it didn't break.

My kids played crystal hide-and-seek for several days in a row based on the video you created, they really enjoyed it, a wonderful idea both the crystals and the videos. And it's very suitable for birthdays. Thank you for the initiative to spread the friendship between children and crystals.”


Our crystals are certified with CE and RoHS marks, ensuring their extraction is eco-friendly and meets the European Union standards. This signifies that our crystals do not contain harmful substances, adhering to RoHS guidelines, and they fulfill the EU's requirements for safety, health, and environmental protection, as denoted by the CE marking.

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