Active Learning Fun: Transforming Playtime into Educational Adventures

Active Learning Fun: Transforming Playtime into Educational Adventures

As a child, my parents called me a shy girl because there were many things I was afraid to do. I would fear entering a room if there were unfamiliar guests inside. I felt a great deal of internal tension if I needed to try and make friends with other children. I often created alone, separated from the world.

As I grew up, I realized that I am brave, actually very much so, and that people enjoy interacting with me. However, I had to go through many internal transformations before I became popular, able to give interviews easily without knowing the questions in advance, and able to speak effortlessly in front of cameras. And what’s even more important to me as an adult, I became someone who can approach strangers friendly and if desired, become friends with them.

It is very important to me that creative, perhaps somewhat shy children also become great communicators, possessing wonderful social skills. It is crucial that those children who differ from an early age with their mature outlook, unchildlike wisdom, inner knowing, and even a mission brought from the stars, become as open as possible, feeling integrated into society during their childhood.

I write for those mothers who truly see that their child is wise. Yes, right now he speaks childishly, doesn’t know intricate words, but if you listen closely, you can see his wisdom. I will share an example.

My eldest daughter, when she was in the fourth grade, had a conversation with her classmate. The classmate kept trying to befriend her, but my daughter Maria saw and felt that they were too different to become friends. One day, she explained her feelings to the girl beautifully. Maria said that you could imagine that the world is made up of different colored children. Yellow, blue, red, green... And yellow children are more drawn to interact with yellows, and blues with blues. Maria admitted that she feels like she is a blue child, and her classmate a yellow. Therefore, it is likely they will not become good friends, but that is very okay. It is a natural feeling of affinity, aligned with children’s different natures.

When I learned about this conversation, I was deeply proud and delighted with my ten-year-old daughter's emotional intelligence and social skills.

From Maria's behavior, it is evident that she already demonstrates important traits of emotional intelligence and social skills. I will analyze this example to clarify:

  • Self-awareness and understanding of her feelings: Maria can recognize and express her feelings clearly and maturely. She does not try to conform to others' expectations or imposed relationships; instead, she chooses to honestly articulate her feelings and state of mind. This shows a high level of self-awareness, which is the foundation of emotional intelligence.
  • Empathy and tactfulness: Maria chose a very tactful and pictorial way to explain her feelings without offending the other girl. She used a metaphor where colors help depict personal differences without judgment. This method avoids direct rejection and allows understanding of differences as a natural, non-condemnable part of human nature.
  • Management of social relationships: Although Maria decided that she could not become close friends with her classmate, she still maintains respect and a friendly attitude. This shows that she knows how to manage interpersonal relationships in a way that maintains a positive social climate.
  • Moral maturity: Maria's ability to recognize and respect personal differences shows significant moral maturity. She understands that we do not all have to be alike or be friends with everyone, but we can still remain benevolent and respectfully communicate.

These traits demonstrate Maria's strengths, also suggest that as she continues to develop these skills, she could become a very competent and empathetic individual, capable of communicating constructively and effectively handling social situations.

All of this is very important to me. Personally, it took me half my life to grow into a socially strong personality, but because of my long and intensive journey, I now understand what is truly important.

And if you want to know how the child is doing, how their inner world is forming, it's very easy to do by playing our games together with the children. I invite you to try it.

Therefore, in my games, I use crystals as a wonderful power born of our planet to unlock children's energetic potential. And I also create educational games. Let children be very strong in their emotional awareness, develop fabulous social skills in communication. Like if needed, become super leaders. Or maybe be a team member today, one who learns from others.

All these super human skills, which we sometimes see in movies, I firmly believe are achievable for our children. Crystals and games can perfectly provide this.

A crystal affects a child energetically. It constantly vibrates at a high-frequency vibration and thus energetically calms the child, helps them focus, and raises the child's vibrational level. For a child, playing with crystals is similar to an adult practicing meditation. However, adults consciously receive the energies of meditation, while children receive them by playing, without overthinking, feeling it as a natural thing happening around them.

However, crystals alone are not enough. Just as it is not suitable for an adult to only engage in meditations, they need to live a human life. To take actions, interact with other people, solve new arising issues, create what is new to them. Similarly, crystals alone are not enough for a child. They need to train their social skills, interact with other children, learn to manage various emotional situations, like my daughter Maria. Therefore, I create games in which I constantly observe whether through this or that action the child's social skills will be developed, whether we will nurture physical health, whether creativity will flourish, whether emotional intelligence will steadily grow.

Thus, the goal of our games and the crystals we sell is to intensely teach children extremely important things. However, in such a way that children experience a lot of fun, feeling that they are just playing. Parents, in turn, can rest because the children have something to occupy themselves with. And parents can be very calm about the children's activities, knowing that Pure Crystal Discovery will teach what will be very valuable to the child.

If parents are curious about their child's progress and the development of their inner world, they can easily discover this by joining in our games. We warmly invite you to experience this together.

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