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"Perfect Team", a unique set of 20 crystals

"Perfect Team", a unique set of 20 crystals

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In “Perfect team” set each of twenty crystal plays its own unique role, at the same time forming a perfect, harmonious whole together with the rest of the crystals. What if you could have a team that adjusts the rules of the game of life, fulfills dearest wishes of your heart and allows you to achieve results you didn't even know you were capable of?

In this set, each member not only complements the others but also helps to achieve a common goal. This is not just a collection of crystals, but an embodiment of team spirit.

Rose Quartz. The gentleness of this crystal acts as a compassionate unifier, necessary for integrity and mutual understanding. It continuously motivates and encourages the team to listen to their hearts and pursue results accordingly.

Clear Quartz. The strong and transparent nature of this crystal reflects solid friendship and trust among team members. It acts like a strategist, always finding new opportunities and ways for change.

Malachite sets the pace, fostering innovation and creativity. Like the soul of the team, whose dreams are unpredictable yet always lead the team to victory.

Aventurine symbolizes steady improvement and unbreakable confidence. It is the team member who always knows when it's time to move to the next level.

Amethyst. The calm and stability of this crystal are essential for any team aiming to maintain balance in the most challenging situations. It acts like a coach, teaching the team to see through challenges and find the right direction for their journey.

Miracle of the Team: 

Along with these five crystals, each set will also include fifteen more crystals, chosen especially for the recipient of this set. At this moment, neither you, nor Pure Crystal Discovery team knows which crystals will be chosen. But we can assure you that those five crystals will be the most needed by your team. Those crystals can be anything what is needed so the team can support you and help your dreams come true. Express your intention and allow these crystals be part of your team. Trust the process and be open to all possibilities!

Expressing the intention is very simple - just form the idea in your mind with your own words that you invite the crystals that are the most suitable for the recipient to come with this set.

“Perfect team" set is an invitation to discover and understand your capabilities and strengths. Every crystal is an important part of a team spirit, which helps to reveal your true self and  become a better version of you.


The size of the crystals varies from 3 cm to 5 cm. It is a perfect size for children and adults to hold in their hands, encouraging crystal exploration and connection.

Every Pure Crystal Discovery crystal set is packed as a luxurious gift to emphasize how valuable and unique the crystals are. Packaging features a smooth satin bag and a sturdy magnetic closure cardboard box with a golden Pure Crystal Discovery logo. Beautiful minimalistic packaging can be used to store your crystals or repurposed for other storage or used to play with.


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